JibberJobber a Best Job Search Site for 2015

hannah_morgan_careersherpa_headshotHannah Morgan is a career professional I met at at least one conference.  She’s pretty cool and well-liked by her colleagues.

She wrote a post titled Best Job Search Websites in 2015.  JibberJobber was one of those (under the Tools section).  I appreciate any recognition that anyone gives JibberJobber… I have to tell you that we are especially grateful to be included in this list because Hannah is a career professional and listed her top 40… this is not based on votes, and it’s not some silly list of ALL career sites (like a bunch of other lists are).  The 40 sites there are there for a reason.

Thanks Hannah, for including JibberJobber as a Top 40 Best Job Search Site!

2 thoughts on “JibberJobber a Best Job Search Site for 2015”

  1. Jason,
    It is my pleasure and privilege to share JibberJobber with job seekers! It is a one-of-a-kind tool everyone should know about. As a bonus, the info you share about LinkedIn is second-to-none as well!

    Happy New Year and hope to see you at a conference this year!

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