Happy Layoff-versary!

It was exactly nine years ago, on Friday the 13th, that I drove away from my last job for the last time.

This is not a story of a guy ready to conquer the world, voluntarily leaving his job to get rich online… this is a story of a normal guy who felt betrayed by the company he had worked so hard for… a story of a guy who was scared out of his mind, wondering how he was going to make ends meet… a story of not knowing what the next few days, weeks or months had in store.

Here we are, nine years later, and I’m starting a certification program for career professionals to become certified on the system that I conceptualized, and helped build, and helped fund, and have run…

It’s a beautiful day, no matter what weather.com says!

Happy layoff-versary!

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  1. I stumbled upon your Happyversary post Jason and it made me smile. This is what I try to tell all the hopeless job seekers that come to me for guidance as well. Make your own path! Congrats on having forged your own path and thanks for all you do to teach others the same. 🙂


    The Talent Mill & HelpWriteResume.com

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