Thank YOU!

In the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s a time when families and friends get together, gratitude is shared, and food is consumed.

I want to share my gratitude for YOU today.  Almost nine years ago I was kicked in the teeth, aka laid off.  I went through a pitiful, depressing job search.  I went from the top of the world to the bottom of the barrel.

Then one day, I got the idea for what would eventually become JibberJobber.  It was risky and scary, but it gave me a purpose and hope.  It changed my demeanor, my attitude and my outlook.

Since 2006 we’ve helped a few people in their job search.  We’ve been recommended by coaches and career experts.  I’ve spoken across the U.S. (and in Turkey, which makes me an “international speaker”). JibberJobber has been recommended or endorsed by big news and tiny bloggers.

Here we are, almost nine years later, still making progress, still helping a few people.  And we appreciate every single one of you.

Recently, I was chatting with my developer about an issue a user was having.  I said that this user was important to me (“a big deal”), and he said:

“Oh dude… C’mon… They are ALL a big deal to you…”

I loved that.  In fact, you are a big deal to me.  No matter how new or old you are, whether you are on the free or the upgrade side, you are all a big deal to me. You are all a big deal to all of us at JibberJobber.

I was delighted that my developer, without any prompting, replied that way.  This is the culture that I have always wanted to create in my company.  It’s about people.  Customers (you), my team, etc.

People matter. You matter. And I’m grateful for you.  Now, I’m off to eat some turkey 🙂

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