JibberJobber Contacts: What happens when I downgrade to the free account?

Here’s an important question that comes up quite a bit:

What happens to contacts that I add to JibberJobber if my account switches to the “free” status? I won’t lose them, as noted elsewhere, but will I be able to benefit from them being in the system?

This is a great question.  The short answer is, nothing happens to the contacts, you don’t lose them, and you will benefit from them being in the system.

Remember, I created JibberJobber when I was a job seeker.  I was not interested in any system that would make me feel worse than a third class citizen (which is how most job seekers feel). I wanted respect. I needed to know I would not waste time on a system that would only bait-and-switch me, or make me upgrade, or worse, where I would eventually lose access to my data!

We want you to have a JibberJobber account for life.  Most people start using it because they are looking for a new job (aka, in transition).  Once they land their job, they should continue to use JibberJobber… go manage professional relationships, to prepare for the next transition, to manage personal relationships… maybe just to schedule their oil changes and tire rotations!  You see, for some people this becomes life management … many things we are trying to keep track of, and follow-up on, can be managed with JibberJobber.

Here’s how this works

When you first sign up for JibberJobber, you get 14 days of the full premium account.  This allows you to import in bulk (hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of records).  This is also a great time to play around with the amazingly useful Email2Log feature.

The “limit” on the free account is 500 Contacts and 500 Companies.

Let’s say you upload, from LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, CardScan, Salesforce, ACT!, or any other place (including your own spreadsheet), 2,000 Contacts.  That is clearly over the limit… so what happens?

When you go back to the free level (whether this is from the premium trial, or an upgrade that you paid for, or that an outplacement company bought for you, etc.), and you are over the 500 limit, you cannot add anymore contacts (unless you upgrade).  But the 2,000 Contacts you have in your system?  They are completely usable.  This means you can:

  • edit the Contact information,
  • add Log Entries and Action Items,
  • associate the Contact to Jobs and Companies,
  • delete the Contact,
  • etc.

The only limit is that you cannot add more Contacts… but Contacts that you have added into the system are there for you to use.

Want to add more Contacts?

The easiest thing to do is to upgrade.  It’s $9.95 a month, one time, or subscription.  The most popular upgrade is the $60/year upgrade, which is basically 1/2 price.  Who doesn’t like 50% off? Check it out here.

Another way to get an upgrade is to jump on a Wednesday webinar, or watch the recording (both can be accessed here).  Spend the 60+ minutes with me (live or recorded), and we give out seven-day upgrades.  We started doing this because people would get on JibberJobber, then two or three weeks later they would get serious about it, and get on a webinar…. then see that they needed to import, and wanted to try the Email2Log feature… but their 14 day trial had expired.  So, we give an additional seven days out.

Sometimes people just need to import… it’s not unusual for us to give you a day of premium just to import contacts…. the Contact form comes in pretty handy when you are in need 🙂

Want to get free upgrades all year?  Just come back each week!  People do that… 🙂  Or, break out the wallet and plunk down the $60 for the year (eventually your time will be worth more than the $5/month that this comes out to).

Or, ask your coach, resume writer or outplacement contact if they have an agreement with JibberJobber – some of them have bought a bunch of seats (upgrade accounts) and might have one for you…

The bottom line is, we do not disable, hide, or delete your Contacts.  We do not hold your Contacts hostage until you pay.  Once they are in, they are yours to use.

How’s that for respect?