How To: Action Item Title (new field!)

Another important (hugely important) change snuck into the release last week… you might have seen it.  There are some enhancements to do with this still, but it was enough to put into the system now.

We have introduced the concept of an Action Item Title, which is different than the Log Entry Title.  (like I said, there is more work to do, but we’re headed down a very cool path).  Note that this view will soon have AMAZING updates that you will LOVE (even if you are resistant to change, you’ll love it):


#1 points to what we’ve had for eight years…. the title of the Log Entry.

#2 points to the NEW Action Item title.  Now you can say “I did this thing,” which is a Log Entry, and you can say “Here’s what I need to do to follow-up,” which is your Action Item.

I’ll let you mentally chew on that…. but trust me that this sets us up to do some really important and powerful things for YOUR career management.

Awesome enhancements are coming soon….!

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