How To: New Log Entries and Action Items Report

Eight years into it and we are still improving JibberJobber.  One of the latest updates was on  the Log Entries and Action Items report.

The purpose of this report is to show you what activities you have had, and break them down based on various criteria.  Because it is in a List Panel, you can do a filtered search (contacts:________, etc.).  We cleaned up the way you configure this report to make it much easier to see just what you want.

To access the report click on Logs, or mouse over Reports and click on this link:


When you first come to the report you’ll see this section, showing you what is in the List Panel:


(note that “no associations” means any Log Entry or Action Item that is not associated to any Contacts, Companies or Jobs)

You can easily change this… when you click on the Change link you see these options:


The first column allows you to include or exclude Log Entries and Action Items based on assocation.

The second column allows you to say “ONLY show me Action Items!”

The third column allows you to filter by a date range.

This is a super-cool report that is useful to show/prove any contacts or activity you have had during a period of time… whether you are reporting to your coach, an accountability partner, for unemployment insurance, etc.