JibberJobber Features in Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies (again)

job-searching-with-social-media-for-dummies-bookI got the 2nd Edition of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.  JibberJobber moved from page 34 to page 31!  Woot!

Actually, that is coincidental, not by merit.  But here is what Joshua Waldman says:

joshua_waldman_small“My friend and mentor Jason Alba started JibberJobber.com in 2006 and can claim development of the first online job-search platforms. By far, JibberJobber offers jobseekers the most comprehensive set of tools for managing relationships, job searches, and careers.”

Isn’t that cool?  I like “the first”, “By far,” “the most comprehensive”… those have a nice ring to them 🙂

In the first edition, Joshua listed JobKatch.com and becomed.com in the list of “tools to organize your job search.”  Those are both out of business.  Of the others that are listed in the second edition, I’m guessing that three won’t be around in a year or two.

We’ll be here, though 🙂

You can check out Joshua’s book here. Kindle version here.



3 thoughts on “JibberJobber Features in Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies (again)”

  1. Good for you, Jason! Yes, JibberJobber is the one; I recommend it to my clients.

    Hey, I mentioned you in a blog post recently, “LinkedIn: 10 Tips for a Great Profile.” It seems like I can’t write about that subject without mentioning your other great blog, I’m On LinkedIn, Now What? https://theakelley.com/linkedin-10-tips-for-a-great-profile/#!

    Happy Halloween!

    Thea Kelley, CPRW, GCDF, OPNS
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