Nick Corcodilos takes on US Employment Issues, Monster, ATS Systems, Databases, Hiring, Congress… Pretty Much Everyone

Nick_corcodilosNick Corcodilos writes a weekly newsletter that is worth subscribing to.  Today he wrote his 500th edition, and it’s great.  He normally answers questions from readers (many know him as “Ask The Headhunter”).  He wrote his own question this week, instead of using someone else’s, and it’s very blunt:

WTF is going on with employment in America?

Yes, we’d all like to know that, right?

Nick talks a lot about a lot of the aspects of employment (and the job search) in America.  His article is worth reading, and marking it up with a highlighter.  He exposes a key problem with HR departments, and the horrific affect of outsourcing hiring to recruiters, etc.  He again exposes the ridiculousness of job boards, which according to a hiring survey are horribly ineffective but still a huge destination for corporate spending.  He talks about some ideas on how to fix the problems at a meta level.  He even talks about believing in yourself and starting your own business, if the hiring thing isn’t working out!

Read his post here.

The question is, what does any of this mean for you, the job seeker?  Do you do the job search different now, knowing any of this?  I think so…!