47 Ways Execs Mess Up Their Job Search (by Lisa Rangel)

lisa_rangel_headshotCheck out this cool post by Lisa Rangel, owner of Chameleon Resumes: 47 Ways Intelligent Executives Might Be Sabotaging Their Job Search

One thing I love about resume professionals is they get a great perspective on the job market, what is working, what job seekers are doing wrong or right, etc.  In this post Lisa gives you a checklist.  Print it off and go through it… what are you doing on this list that you shouldn’t be doing?

Here are just some of the ones I was violating:

2. Expect corporate recruiters to know for which job they would be best suited, despite not giving clear direction or focus.  I did not understand the recruiter/candidate roles, and expected recruiters to do the job search for me.  They had my resume… what more would they need to see how awesome I was, and know what job I should be placed in?3. Hope to do a career change by only applying to job boards or trying to use third party recruiters to advance the search. I’m, I wouldn’t say it was HOPE.  It was flat a flat out misunderstanding of how jobs are found.  I plead ignorance (which didn’t help me get a paycheck again!)

11. Talk down their accomplishments when selling themselves on an interview. Seriously.  You have my resume… do I really have to tell you how awesome I am, even after you read it?  Oh wait, I should have had great stories?  Dang, this is harder than I thought it would be…

16. Assume they are bulletproof at their current job. I was.  Well, except for that one issue of someone else politicking for my job… I was too busy trying to make the company successful and fix a heapload of problems to politic for my job.  And then I got let go, because I didn’t play their game.

34. Approach the entire job search process with a sense of entitlement, depressive-state or an overall poor attitude. Check, check and check.

43. Follow an unhealthy lifestyle that can affect their physical energy and mental well-being. Job searches are an athletic event, in my opinion, and job seekers need to be in good shape! One of my bigger regrets was pretty much planting myself on the lazy boy all day long, with a laptop.  Should have taken advantage of the unstructured time and exercised in a way that I didn’t when I had a job. It took years to reverse the effects of non-movement for a few months.

47. Lose hope. I found it later, but the loss of hope led to depression and a bad attitude, both of which affected my networking.

Okay so I almost have 47 things that I violated on that list.  How are you doing?

Thanks for the fun read, Lisa!


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