Get Email Alerts of Open Jobs for Research, Applying, and More

We added new features to JibberJobber last night.  I’ll blog about the more important ones here (yes, so my competition can copy them :p).  Wednesday morning I’ll do a short 30 minute webinar to introduce these features, and then hang around for any questions.  Sign up here for this short webinar.

Getting an email of open jobs each day.  Hm… how do you feel about that?

We just gave JibberJobber users the ability to create “Email Alerts” that would do this.  Powered by and partnering with Zip Recruiter, you can say what you are looking for, where you are looking, and then just open your email each day to see what’s there.

A problem I had in my job search was that I spent too much time going to job boards. I didn’t trust email alerts like this, and had to go to the source to see if there was something new that hadn’t been emailed out yet.   Much too late, I learned that I shouldn’t have spent time hoping and dreaming about those posted jobs, and applying online for hours each day.  I think it is in this video where Nick Corcodilos says that 1.3% of jobs were filled by Monster.  1.3%.  That is ridiculously low.

Why, then, are we introducing job alerts, which gives you links to posted jobs?

Because there really is value in job boards.

What if you could implement a strategy with tactics that helped you get much better than a 1.3% success rate?  What if 30% of job seekers on JibberJobber got jobs because of information found on job boards?

I think job boards can become a more strategic part of your search.  Now we are cutting out some of the work and delivering INTELLIGENCE right to your inbox.  Today I’ll show you how to get email alerts from Zip Recruiter. In tomorrow’s post I’ll share some ideas on what to do with the information you get delivered to your inbox.

Step 1. Create an email alert (or multiple email alerts). At the top of every page you’ll see this green bar. Fill in the blanks and click Create.


Note: If you are on a Company Detail Page, or a Job Detail Page, it will be filled in for you (assuming you have put in your city, state and zip code), like this:


(In this example I would edit the job and take out III and Job, so it is just Operations Analyst)

Step 2.  Well… that’s it, really.  There is no Step 2!  You’ve just created an email alert for that job.

You can create as many email alerts as you want.

In your email inbox you’ll get emails that look like this:


When you open one of these emails you’ll see posted job openings, like this:


You can click an opening and see more details.  These jobs come from various sources.  You can see the first one in the email above comes from Franchising for Executives, the next was posted on ZipRecruiter and the third was posted on  Like Indeed and SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter pulls from different boards.

Again, in tomorrow’s post I’ll talk about what to with the job posting.

Finally, how do you maintain your email alerts?  That is, what if you want to change them or delete them?  It’s quite easy.

In the email above you’ll notice the Edit link, where the dotted line arrow is pointing.  Simply click on that from any email and you can go to ZipRecruiter and edit your saved search. At this point, I recommend editing an alert that way.

Alternatively, in JibberJobber, click on the button that says See saved alerts:


This takes you to a List Panel view where you can see what alerts you have and… only delete them.  We don’t have the ability to edit your alerts from this page… but you can simply delete an alert and then at the top of the page add a new one.  It’s really a two-step edit, which is kind of lame, but it only takes a few seconds and about as many clicks.  As soon as ZipRecruiter allows us to edit an alert from this page we’ll work on that.


We also can’t do a quick-view to see what is open in ZipRecruiter, so we put an Indeed icon there.  You can click that and run that job search quickly.

Are email alerts new in this world?  No, not really.  But we integrated this into JibberJobber so you can easily and quickly set up alerts that make sense, based on jobs and companies you are already tracking.  It’s just a few clicks to get something set up and it’s very easy to delete them.

Tomorrow I’ll share how to get the most value out of using job boards, email alerts, job postings, etc.  For now, go set up some email alerts in JibberJobber!




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