Dick Bolles Ask The Expert Archived Interview

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dick_bolles_headshot_linkedin_smallDick Bolles didn’t show up fifteen minutes early.  10 minutes early he wasn’t there.  Two minutes early he wasn’t there.

Three minutes late, I decided to start.  Lots of people were on, lots of questions were coming in. I was honestly hoping Dick was okay…. we had communicated a number of times about this webinar and I knew he had it on his calendar.

Turns out, he was great.  I found out, twenty minutes into the call (when he came on), WHY he was late.  I don’t want to spoil it for you… he tells all when he joins the webinar.

This interview with Dick was different than I expected.  I wasn’t quite sure what to talk about or ask, but the audience came through and we spent the entire time on questions.

His answers, with over forty years of experience in the job seeker space, were different than I expected.  They surprised me.  I think they might surprise you, too.

The video is below.  You can get an archive of all of the Ask The Expert calls we’ve done here.  You can sign up for future Ask The Expert webinars here.


4 thoughts on “Dick Bolles Ask The Expert Archived Interview”

  1. Outstanding interview, Jason. Good job on guiding the webinar and managing the questions and such. I tuned in and listened to the whole program in spite of being super busy today… not just because Dick Bolles is an amazing source of information and inspiration, but also because you were so engaging too. Thanks for doing this, and keep up the good work! (P.S. I totally agree with Dick Bolles about doing a self-analysis/inventory. When you know what you want and what you offer… and can articulate it well… things will start to click into place for you.)

  2. Thank you Angela, it was a fun interview, for sure. Dick’s answers surprised me, I didn’t think the self-inventory was such a big thing but I’m bought in now 🙂

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