Pre-purchase 51 Alternatives To A Real Job

I finally got the pre-purchase page up for 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.

You might not have heard of this book… if you haven’t, click here to learn more.

I wrote this to inspire and give hope, especially to those who continually feel stripped of personal power in their own careers.

Learn more and/or prepurchase here.

1 thought on “Pre-purchase 51 Alternatives To A Real Job”

  1. Option A has possibilities, but currently looks like the guy can’t get a job because he is too sloppy. Change it to blue jeans or an ironed outfit and you have a great cover.

    Option B looks institutionalized. Too neat and too predictable.

    Option C is an eye catcher, but would be better if the elephant was holding up the man.

    Go for it!

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