New LinkedIn Profiles Are Here: Webinar!

I’m doing a 90 minute webinar on optimizing the new LinkedIn Profiles. Supposedly everyone should have them by the end of 2013.

This webinar is… how do I put this: not free.  I like doing free stuff, but my accountant likes it when I charge for my services, knowledge, passion, etc.

I have done over 100 presentations on LinkedIn, and I know this is going to be worth it the price.

Who should come? Everyone who is on LinkedIn, period.  These new changes have a HUGE impact on your Profile.  Some have said LinkedIn “blew up” their Profile, others have had things disappear without their knowledge, and others have their picture messed up.

Not only that, but changes with the Apps (changes = they went away) and what they are replaced with is powerful, but I’m sure we’ll see gross abuses of the power (embedding video for Funny or Die?  Oh boy… :/)

Come join us on the 17th.  If you can’t, I’m recording it and you can access the recording.

Click here for more info… including one of three bonuses to choose from, and my commitment to not pressure-sell at the end.

Oh yeah, the price goes up after 1/11. Sign up now… 🙂  Here are some changes… and that’s just the top:

2 thoughts on “New LinkedIn Profiles Are Here: Webinar!”

  1. Hello Jason,
    I hope you are well.
    I just noticed your webinar on LinkedIn scheduled for January 2013 and the bonuses on offer.
    If I may ask a cheeky question, one of the bonus is a one year premium subscription. Is this available to existing customers?

    Happy New Year


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