Finally: I got the new LinkedIn Profile! And announcements…

I finally got it… the new LinkedIn Profile 🙂   Now I can dig into the Profile and see what’s up.

First thing I notice, I need a new picture since the current one emphasizes my balding too much.  I even had a company contact me and say they could doctor up the image to make me less balding :p

Second thing I notice is that my slideshare is slideGONE.  I’ll dig in more, but more than one person has said LinkedIn has “blown up” their Profile, and they are frustrated.

Check out this comment from John who is pretty made about the changes… he even uses ALL CAPS to stress his unhappiness with it (and signs off as “Disgusted in PA”) 🙁

On another note, do you know the difference between Like, Comment and Share on LinkedIn?  One is useless, the other is all-powerful, and the third is… hardly useful (but still okay).  Check out this post to learn about it:
LinkedIn: Like vs Share vs Comment

Finally, I’m doing a New LinkedIn Profile webinar on January 17th. It is discounted right now to $97 and includes bonus goodies, and my commitment to not upsell you on anything during the webinar. Learn more here and sign up.  The new Profile, and the announcement that Apps went away (and are being replaced) is HUGE, and impacts about, oh, 187,000,000 people.

If you’ve been on my webinars you know I tell it like it is, I don’t drink the kool-aid and try to convince you to upgrade, and I don’t go through link by link to tell you stuff that is boring.  This is for busy people to optimize their LinkedIn Profile.  You can sign up here.

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