Obama Wins… so that means what exactly?

I posted this this morning to my LinkedIn Group:

I typically stay away from politics, religion and that other thing that is inappropriate for this medium… but today is an historic day.

Four years ago, on Nov 7th, after the world learned Obama was going to be POTUS, JibberJobber saw record signups. It wasn’t marginally more… it was huge amounts of people coming to JibberJobber.

They were concerned about their future…. their jobs, their careers. They made the first step to take charge of their personal economics. They were worried the U.S. and world economy was going to go in the wrong direction.

It is too early to know how the next few months will be, but I’m guessing we’ll have more-than-average signups on JibberJobber.

On Facebook a CFO I like said said something like “if you lost (in other words, if you were a Romney supporter), it won’t be as bad as you might think, and if you won (if you are an Obama supporter), it won’t be as great as you think.”

Is it as simple as that? Is it business as normal?

For you, it is. For you, it is time to do what you need to do for career management.

For years I’ve traveled the U.S. talking about Career Management. In short, it is made up of your branding and your networking.

Are you ready, yet, to be more in control of YOUR career?

Start today by joining my webinar at 7pm EST (4pm PST). Regardless of who won, you still need to manage your own career. Empower yourself: www.JibberJobber.com/webinar

No HR manager, boss, company, or even POTUS is going to provide you career management or personal financial success or security. It starts with YOU.

8 thoughts on “Obama Wins… so that means what exactly?”

  1. @Melissa – thank you 🙂

    @Sophie – LOL, I had never heard of Nate Silver… on wikipedia it says in 2009 he was one of the most 100 influential people…. I wonder how many others haven’t heard of him…

  2. @Susan – yes, that is the message… I didn’t think of that phrase, but that’s it 🙂

    @Heather – thanks for the link to that article. I think there are going to be a lot of people who need JibberJobber, and a review of career management at the personal level. I’ve hoped for years, as the recession tanked, that this would be a kick in the pants for people to manage their careers…

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