JibberJobber isn’t just for Dummies

Joshua Waldman wrote a book called Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.

In his book he recommends JibberJobber (or any of our competitors).  Some of the competition isn’t around anymore… like becomed.  I guess becomed became.  Har har har… sorry, bad joke.

Anyway, here’s a post Joshua wrote: How to Use Becomed, JibberJobber, and CareerShift in Your Job Search

You know what?

JibberJobber is just fine for Dummies.

Idiots can use it too.

But that makes up the minority of our users. Those who organize their job search, or their professional networking, with JibberJobber are:

  • Across the globe. We have signups from around the country.  The last user webinar had people from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and others.
  • Very smart. We have PhDs, people with Masters degrees, very technical degrees, scientists, etc.
  • Normal. You don’t have to be stereotypically smart to use JibberJobber.  We have entry-level users as well as people in pretty much every career path.
  • Accomplished. Whether they spent decades growing big companies, or have had big titles or have ran their own companies for a long time.
  • Proactive. I remember a recruiter saying she would totally look at JibberJobber users if she was trying to hire a CRM specialist.  JibberJobber users are learning how to use CRM (put THAT on your resume!).

Those are just a few things that can describe a JibberJobber user.

Remember, you don’t have to be a dummy to use it.  Join us on Wednesday’s webinar to learn what it is, how to use it, and why you should use it!

What you’ll learn is this is a tool to empower you to own your career.  No matter how dumb or not-dumb you are.

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