Do You Have A Professional Website Yet?

A while back I had a monthly series and award for personal branding.  I would find and recognize people who were doing a good job with personal branding.  You can find that series here.  There’s some really good stuff there.

Every once in a while I find something similar and want to share it, and that’s what I’ll do today.  I came across Craig DeLano’s website and thought: this is great!  Everyone can do this!

Granted, there are a few tweaks that can make it sharper, but what I love about this is that it’s “good enough,” and it is doable!  Check out his site here:

I like:

  • The domain. YOU should have your own domain name!  Do you?
  • His picture. It is front and center, and it’s warm and inviting.  He seems like a nice/cool guy.
  • Link to blog. From the top of his site there is a link to the blog. Blogs are amazing tools for personal branding.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with techno-talk and stuff you must do, but look at Craig’s site… this is something you can do, right?

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