JibberJobber User Landed… here’s what she has to say about JibberJobber

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear success stories from my users.  Here’s one from Kathy K:

I have been out of work for 2 1/2 years, and since I had changed careers, it has been even longer since I worked in my core field.

I realized in the beginning of the year that my resume would never make it through the computer algorithms and the only way for me to get a job was through networking.

Once I started doing the networking I needed to do and all of the follow-ups, it would have been impossible for me to keep track and stay on top of everything without JibberJobber.

Thank you for creating such a fantastic tool that made such a positive impact on my job search!!

How cool is that!  I told her that we at JibberJobber are doing the happy dance with her… luckily there is no camera because this CEO has no rhythm or groove 🙁  But hey, we try anyway.

Congrats Kathy K!  Keep on networking!

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