Top Five Websites for Job Seekers: #5 is JibberJobber

This is a week-long series going deeper into the Top Five Websites for Job Seekers (The JibberJobber List).  In this series I’ll explain WHAT TO DO with each website/tool.  The list:

#1: LinkedIn (Monday)

#2 Indeed (Tuesday)

#3 Idealist (Wednesday)

#4 Google (Thursday)

#5 JibberJobber (today – whew!)

On this post you can see ALTERNATIVES for each of these tools, as well as why I chose these 5 tools.


Again, I was worried that including my own website would jeapordize the integrity of my list.  But I am totally supportive of my website as a top 5 website for job seekers.  I have been since I came up with the idea for it, and six years later, and hundreds of thousands worth of investment into the system, I am still completely bought in and supportive of the value JibberJobber brings to job seekers.

What five things would you do on JibberJobber?

  1. Manage and track relationships.  If the success of your job search hinges on relationships, doesn’t it make sense to organize and manage and track the information around your relationships in a smart way.  LinkedIn does not do relationship manement. It’s more of a find and be found tool, with some branding and communication features, but it’s not a relationship manager.
  2. Integrate Contacts + Companies + Jobs data. One of the major frustrations with my spreadsheet I used to organize my job search was that I could not easily make a log entry and action item for many records… for example, a panel interview (one company, one job, many contacts).  Or, working with a recruiter (one contact, potentially many jobs and many companies).  JibberJobber easily allows you to create one log entry (and action item) to many records at once.
  3. Create and get Action Item reminders (for follow-up). Networking is king in the job search, and follow-up is king in networking.  You HAVE TO have more than one touch-point as you nurture relationships, and you can’t afford to be so disorganized you aren’t following-up.  Creating Action Items in JibberJobber to keep up on your commitments, and get peace of mind knowing they are stored in one place.
  4. Feel in control and empowered. Peace of mind is a phrase our last company talked about a lot… how do you get peace of mind in your job search?  Using a site to help you stay organized and remind you of what you need to do is a step in the right direction. Knowing you have a best-of-breed tool, just like recruiters and HR have (they call theirs ATS – that is, Applicant Tracking Systems) just levels the playing field.  I remember going from a general manager with a corporate card and had the ability to buy tools I needed to perform my job, to a job seeker with NOTHING.  JibberJobber is that tool you want and need to perform your job (of looking for a job).  You are EMPOWERED with JibberJobber.
  5. Short term value and long term value. The value of JibberJobber, to you, is not in how many members use our site.  It’s in how much data you put in. Even if you are the only JibberJobber user, putting information in will add value to you in THIS job search, and in your career (doing your future jobs well, as you are more connected to your network), and in future transitions.  I know the value of JibberJobber, to you, snowballs over time, as you use the system.  This is not a band-aid solution, or a throw-away job search tool.  This is a long-term career management solution to be used from now until you are done with relationships (or your career).

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I wanted to be careful to not talk about any learning stuff from this blog, which is rich with 6+ years of posts on career management, personal branding, etc.  I wanted to focus on the actual relationship tracking software/features.  But yeah, there’s a lot more to JibberJobber than just the organizing part.


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