You Bug Recruiters. Read This To Learn Why/How.

I asked a question on RecruitingBlogs:

What bugs you about candidates?

I got excellent responses, including (you have to read their comments, in their own words):

  • Your (mis)use of LinkedIn,
  • How and when you contact recruiters (including follow-up),
  • Telling recruiters how to do their job,
  • Having a bad resume or cover letter,
  • Not being prepared for interviews,
  • Talking too much,
  • Addressing a (email, cover letter, etc.) to the wrong person,
  • Overstating how great you are,
  • And, praying for too long (seriously, read it – page two, by Sandra, #4. Sandra is awesome… )

I hesitated sharing this list lest you think you’ve read it before.  But you really should read their comments, because they see this stuff all day long.

How bad is this?  Check out Andrew’s parting words:

When economists say that our unemployment rate is at 8%….my general thought is, it is amazing it is that low cause based on some of the idiots I come in contact with…it should be much higher.

I’m sure none of my JibberJobber users, or readers, make these mistakes… right?  Of course not.

Read the comments anyway, just to make sure you aren’t violating anything 🙂

2 thoughts on “You Bug Recruiters. Read This To Learn Why/How.”

  1. Really great insight of what not to do and a reminder to all of us that confidence and competence should never resemble arrogance and rudeness…ever, but especially in interviewing and working with recruiters. Common human decency, professionalism and courtesy must prevail over any other strength or quality we are trying to sell about ourselves.

    Swearing at and/or making derogatory comments about a recruiter or potential employer? Who does that??? Also loved Sandra’s #4’s comments. Don’t ask the Lord to guide your foot steps if you’re not willing to move your feet. Make the decision already!

  2. I think what we’re seeing from the list of complaints (and experiences) is that there are systems and processes… and then the human nature aspect. People are different, and fickle, and motivated by various things, and secretive, and sometimes even selfish. It’s hard to get someone (a candidate) to do something you want them to do… it might seem right for them, but the recruiter might not see the entire picture (spouse influence, career dreams they aren’t sharing, etc.).

    I wanted to share this list because people should communicate better, and work WITH recruiters instead of against recruiters. I know how frustrating this could be, because I’m sure we could get a list at least as long as that one with things recruiters do wrong 🙂

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