How To Job Search When You Don’t Want To (Mark LeBlanc Style)

Mark LeBlanc isn’t a job seeker, nor is a job search coach. He is a business coach, and best-selling author of the little book: Growing Your Business!

I’ve been to two of Mark’s 2-day seminars, and both times walked away in awe.  I’ve implemented some of his system and it has, undoubtedly, changed my business.  I’m going to share one tactic that you should do. You can get this out of his $7.95 book… but I think many people overlook it as too simplistic.

Before I share the tactic, let me lay the foundation.

In my job search I had many days that I didn’t want to do “it.”  I didn’t want to email people, apply to jobs (because I knew my applications would go to the resume black hole), network, go to a lunch, or do anything more than mope.

Honestly, in my business, I’ve had similar days.

There are just times when you don’t want to do anything. Contrast that to days when you are on fire, and do a lot of great things.

Here’s the LeBlanc tactic that I think is life-changing.  It can be applied in any aspect of your life… family, relationships, work, religion, physical fitness, learning, etc.  In my own words:

Do three High Value Activities (HVAs)every day.

An HVA is an activity that brings you closer to making a sale.  In my business, it is sending out a certain email, or making a call, or meeting with prospects.

It is NOT organizing my filing system, cleaning my office, getting my email inbox closer to zero, checking on my social networking.

It IS prospecting, searching for people on LinkedIn, and reaching out to them.

Mark says you do three HVAs every day.  He even does them on Saturday and Sunday.  HVAs bring you closer to your monthly benchmark (similar to monthly goal).  If anything gets you to your monthly benchmark, it is the consistency of doing three HIGH VALUE activities every day, during the month.

One of the beauties of Mark’s system is that if you miss a day, you don’t make up for it later.  You simply start over, every single day, and do three HVAs that day.

When I’m having “one of those days,” when I don’t want to do anything, I make sure I do my three HVAs.  It could take me all of 15 minutes.  But guess what? If I’m able to remain consistent, and do the three HVAs, I feel better about myself, and I see progress (for me, progress means more sales).

I guarantee you (can I guarantee anything?  Perhaps not…) that if you have a list of the right HVAs, and you consistently do them over time, you will see results.

You will see more informational interviews.

You will get more job interviews.

You will meet more of the right people, who can introduce you to more of the right people.

You will have purpose, hope and vision in your job search.

Your attitude will be better.

You will get closer and closer to a job offer.

You might even have multiple job offers. This happens. I just heard about one while I was in Maryland a couple of weeks ago.

You need to do the right things.  Not 24/7… just start off with three HVAs, every day.

Even on your bad days.

Thank you, Mark LeBlanc, for an amazing, powerful, and do-able tactic!

7 thoughts on “How To Job Search When You Don’t Want To (Mark LeBlanc Style)”

  1. This echo’s the famous 1972, *Just for Today* pamphlet, which includes, “Just for today I will exercise my soul. . . . I will do at least two things I don’t want to do–just for exercise.” Ann Landers used to reprint it in her column every so often.

  2. Great advice! I see job seekers put off those HVAs and the result is a “guilty feeling” that voice that says ” I should…” and the heaviness from realizing that they are not making progress. Good advice for myself, also, and am implementing it today. I especially like the “start over” concept. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Lisa, thank you – I’m a big fan of Ann Landers… I remember reading her when I was a young teenager.

    @Rita – do it daily, consistency is the key, and you should see great things happen in your business… and develop a peace of mind when it comes to marketing 🙂

  4. This is great advice! It reminds me of someone I know who says you should use the 5-5-5 rule when job seeking: send 5 emails, make 5 phone calls and have 5 face to face meetings in a week. This will grow your network so quickly, which will lead to a position faster. The 5-5-5 may seem like a daunting task when your motivation is low. I like the idea of the 3 HVAs. Seems like less to do, but in the course of the week can lead you to the 5-5-5. Thanks for posting!

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