Self-Control leads to Self-Confidence

A phrase that has been floating around my house for the last few months is so profound:

Self-control leads to self-confidence.

I’m not sure where my wife picked it up, but we’ve used it a fair amount.

Who doesn’t struggle with self-confidence issues?

Let me rephrase that:

What job seeker could use more self-confidence?

Here’s a simple formula: have more self-control.  Perhaps you will:

Bite your tongue more.

Be kinder.

Do your three high value activities each day (even if you have to make them easier to do, or, lessen the scope of them).

Pick up the phone and call someone from your chicken list.

Finally clean up that little paper pile on your desk.

Go on a walk and take care of your body.

Put down the junk food and eat a green smoothie.

Spend less time on distracting or time-wasting websites.

Spend more, and better quality time with those you love.

Clean up one part of your LinkedIn Profile.

What is it you have been neglecting?  I know, as a job seeker, we tend to neglect everything that won’t lead to a job offer.  But that is so unhealthy on so many levels.

When I wrote Water Damage Is Expensive – Don’t Neglect Your House, I was writing about the results of neglecting things like family and your health.

I didn’t realize at the time that NOT neglecting… that is, having the self-control and discipline to take care of things, would lead to self-confidence.

Again, we all need more self-confidence.  I challenge you to practice self-control for a while and see if you have more self-confidence.