Smart Phones In Your Job Search

This is a guest post by Joe Linford.  See the bio at the bottom to learn more about Joe.

What tools are in your job search arsenal?  I’m sure you have your favorite job boards, browser, business cards and elevator pitches.  Where does your smart phone fit in? Here are four ways to improve your job search with a smart phone:

1.  Use Layar for an augmented reality search. If you haven’t heard of Layar, check out this page.  Here’s an example of how this might work:  From anywhere (your car, on a bench, in a building, or wherever) you can point your phone to different places and see what companies are where.  You might not have known a company was just a mile away from you, but Layar allows you to see what you are nearby, and get information about it.  Great way to find new companies to check out.

2. Send that thank you email immediately. You don’t have to wait until you get home to write that thank you email.  Send it right after you leave the interviewers office.  Be sincere and detailed to impress the hiring manager and show you are really interested in the position. (Jason here: as a bonus, if you are a premium JibberJobber user you can send the email to your ultra secrative email address and have it either create a new record in your system and/or add your email as a log entry for that contact.)

3. Look up information about contacts you just met, or are going to meet. Without a doubt, the LinkedIn app should be the first place to check.  It is free and allows you to search on your network.  From your phone you can get information to help you network better.

4. This is JibberJobber’s blog, right? Then of course I would include using your smart phone to access JibberJobber.  Simply go to and you have access to your job search organizer.  You can add new contacts, look up contacts, call people directly from the contact page, and more.

The iPhone is a great tool for these four things in your job search.  

This post was written by Joe Linford of Broadband Genie, where you can find a wealth of guides and news and opinion on broadband, mobile broadband and smartphones.