Are You Accountable To Anyone In Your Job Search?

Do you have someone you report to?  Not your spouse or your mom or dad or someone emotionally close to you and/or the outcome?

If you do, I’ll bet you are 10x more effective than the person who doesn’t.

If you are self-motivated, and driven, like ME… I didn’t have anyone I was accountable to, you are… well, 1/10th as effective as the person who has a coach (or someone they are accountable to).

This is serious stuff.  Don’t think you are too good to be accountable, I don’t care how driven you are.  Get someone who you will report to, weekly.

More info in a post written by Kirby Cole on RecruitingBlogs: Job Search Accountabilty Coach – A Partner in Your Job Search

2 thoughts on “Are You Accountable To Anyone In Your Job Search?”

  1. It really is so true! Speaking from my own experience of working with a Business Coach, the Career Coach can also provide the support of stepping out of your comfort zone, give great feedback, be a sounding board and provide job search expertise, allowing you to achieve greater and faster results than you ever thought possible!

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