Do you hate job boards? Is LinkedIn a threat to job boards?

Great post on RecruitingBlogs about job boards vs. LinkedIn: What kind of a threat does LinkedIn pose to job boards? And what should they do about it?

Not social networking, mind you.  It’s really just LinkedIn that’s the sole competitor to job boards… which was a HUGE industry.

If you are interested in the job search space (whether you are in a job search or not), check out the article…

I’ve already sent some of my advice and ideas to Monster.  Didn’t get very far.

My kind-of dream job?  To work as a VP at Monster, and be the job seeker advocate.  They’ve had someone at corporate advocate hiring companies (who paid them gobs of money) and recruiters (who paid them gobs of money), but no one advocated for the job seeker (who really doesn’t pay much, right?).

Well, along comes LinkedIn (or, shall we say CHANGE), and Monster’s model isn’t working anymore.  HR, recruiters and those who put money in hiring is moving their money elsewhere.

And, LinkedIn was able to accommodate the job seeker (and non-job seeking professional) in a way that Monster didn’t think about.  So they lost job seekers, too (I don’t have stats on this, just a guess).

I’ve spoken to thousands of professionals around the country … they talk about getting on two websites.  LinkedIn is one.  Monster is NOT the other one.

What do you think?  Is there a place for job boards?  Will they be replaced by something else?

(I LOVE the last line in the post – check it out)

1 thought on “Do you hate job boards? Is LinkedIn a threat to job boards?”

  1. I don’t know what the place for job boards will be, but they’ve not worked for me and only frustrated me as they grow larger and more all encompassing. CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, Beyond, and many more, seem to have success in placing employees, but I feel a market sense for going small and local to really serve employers and employees.

    I’ve been through eight job searches in my career and the boards have gotten bigger, but they’ve served no use for me.

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