LinkedIn for Job Seekers III DVDs shipped today!

I just got back from a run to the post office.  I had a box full of envelopes and packages of the new LinkedIn for Job Seekers III DVD.  This went out to coaches and resume writers, as well as individuals who bought it on their own, as well as people who got Bundle 1 or Bundle 2.

I LOVE shipping DVDs.

More than that, I love the conversations I’ve had with career professionals in the last few weeks as I invited them to pre-purchase the DVDs.  I’m amazed at the trust they have in me, and their enthusiasm for incorporating this into their offerings.

I’m a pretty normal guy but talking with colleagues, partners and JibberJobber users can tend to make me feel pretty special.

Thank you, for your support!

(Note: while I found one type-o on the DVD, another one totally eluded me.  But when I picked up the disks it jumped out and punched me in the nose…. that will be an error to fix for the next edition of the DVD!  I’ve you find the mistake I’ll give you a pony a virtual high five!)

To get your own DVD, check out this specials page.

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