Blown away: Browser search on JibberJobber Data (Chrome only)

Today I was blown away.  Amazed.

Let me explain:  I’ve gotten so used to doing searches from the browser bar that sometimes I forget that I couldn’t do that for my JibberJobber data.  In other words, do a search for “dog food” in your browser (URL) bar and the browser returns search results from a search engine (Chrome defaults to Google, Internet Explorer defaults to Bing, etc.).

Sometimes I search for a name in my JibberJobber database expecting JibberJobber to return the results… but of course that wouldn’t work.

I asked my team to put that on our two-mile list of enhancements… and there it sits while we work on other stuff.

Today I kind of made a mistake… here’s what I did (in Chrome – this did not work on Internet Explorer or Firefox):

1. Type in the browser… instead of hitting enter, I hit the space bar.

Note: sometimes, when searching, I’ve typed JibberJobber {search phrase} in the browser… that is not the same thing.  I do this to find blog posts… like this: JibberJobber webinar

When I hit the spacebar, look what my browser shows:

I saw that and my heart skipped a beat… could it be true?  Could I really do a search on something from within the browser URL? Do you know how cool that would be?  Na, it couldn’t be true.

Alas, I tried it… and this is what I got:

Now, if I’m looking for something, instead of going to JibberJobber and searching, I can simply open a new tab, type and hit the space bar, and put the search phrase… amazing!

This is amazing.  Thank you Google and Chrome team!  I LOVE THIS!

8 thoughts on “Blown away: Browser search on JibberJobber Data (Chrome only)”

  1. What sort of search phrases would you search for? I am not getting the utility of this.

  2. The implication is that you could do a site search in your url/search bar in Chrome. Chrome can do this on any site, provided you have done a search on the site at least once.
    It even comes with some aliases, i.e. type en and tab to search Wikipedia.

  3. Ken is right… here’s a scenario where I do this with Google all the time.

    In the olden days I would have to go to a search engine and then type in the search phrase.

    Step 1: Go to, or,

    Step 2: type in phrase “best dog food”, hit search,

    Step 3: look through the results.

    Now, in most (all) browsers, I skip step 1… here’s what I do:

    New Step 1: type “best dog food” in the browser bar,

    New Step 2: look through the results.

    The browser URL bar acts as the front page of my search engine.

    I can do the same thing now with JibberJobber, or even LinkedIn … try this:

    Step 1: In Chrome, in the browser URL bar, type in and hit the spacebar. The URL changes like it is in the image above…

    Step 2: type in your name, or the name of a contact, or a target company, and hit enter.

    You are essentially taking away the step of going to the site first, finding the search box, and clicking in it, to do a search.

    Granted, you are only saving a few seconds and a few clicks, but nonetheless, you are saving time and actions, and that’s awesome. 🙂


    David, to answer your exact question, I would search for names of people as well as company names.

  4. I’m not seeing this in my Google Chrome when I enter and then press space bar – do you have any special extensions installed?

  5. @Norman – In order for it to work also, you need to make sure you have used the search functionality of a website at least once before. Hope that helps!

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