How you are screened out with HR/Recruiting Software

Good resume: check

30 Second pitch: check

Organized and on top of things: check

Online and offline networking: check

Doing informational interviews: check

You are all ready for your job search, to conquer the world, right?

What if you are doing everything right, and then you go to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (or your blog) to vent about how stupid a hiring manager was in an interview, or the ridiculous thing a recruiter or HR person said when you called them to check on your resume or application?

I’ve seen people post stuff online, assuming the company wouldn’t find out what they were saying.  It was shared just to their friends, they thought.  They needed a place to vent, they thought.

What they were really doing was ending any chances they had of getting that job.

You have to know that HR and recruiters can and do look online to learn more about you. Some use Google.  Some go straight to the social networks and do a search on your name. What will they find?

Check out this 2 minute video:

Social Media in Recruitment Infographic

Social Media in Recruitment by Ciphr

This video was put together by a firm that helps HR and recruiters screen you, in your own social network.  You can learn more about recruitment software with Computers in Personnel at the link.

You NEED to know about this.  In this “war on talent” or “war for talent,” where it seems like it’s you against the hiring company, you must understand the tools and processes they use.

If you understand the tools recruiters use, or Computers in Personnel offers, you will know how to better optimize your resume to get through their system.  You’ll know that any “breadcrumbs” you leave online – your status on any social network, or what you post on your Wall, or on someone else’s Wall, or comments you leave on blogs, can be audited, and have an impact on your job search.

Job seekers, you can’t be too relaxed about this.  It’s getting more sophisticated.  Are you up to the sophistication?

3 thoughts on “How you are screened out with HR/Recruiting Software”

  1. I am very careful what I post in relation to my job search. On my blog or facebook or twitter – little to nothing and never specifics about an interview. Linkedin I would never post negative information about an interview. The downside is too big in relation to the upside.

    In any of these if I posted anything it would be so generic that it wouldn’t be of any relevance outside of a general description of what might of happened. No specifics that would assist a company to eliminate me as a candidate.

  2. Always keep it positive – especially these days. Nothing is “hidden” and nothing expires. What you write or do today can come back to haunt you years from now.

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