New FREE feature (was premium): Associate multiple contacts to one target company

As you network into your Target Companies you should meet multiple people at each company.  I remember my first interview at the company that I had an internship at – there were four interviewers in the panel interview.

How do you keep track of all this?

In JibberJobber we just made a major change, which is to allow all users (even free/regular users) to track multiple Contacts per Company.

On your Target Company page you’ll see the section for Primary Contacts (1) and Other Contacts (2).  Notice I’m the Primary Contact and L.R. is another Contact.  To add new Contacts simply click “add new contact” (3) if the contact is not in JibberJobber yet.  If they are in JibberJobber, click “associate existing contact” (4) and you can choose from your list of Contacts already in the system.

This is a mega-helpful feature for those of you who are networking!

2 thoughts on “New FREE feature (was premium): Associate multiple contacts to one target company”

  1. Thank you Jason! This is the premium feature I missed most when I down graded, glad to have it back!

  2. You are welcome Cleo 🙂

    There’s more premium features that you’ll have on the free level. I think what we’ve done is made it too confusing to know why you are upgrading, so we’re moving a lot to free, and keeping a handful of key things on the premium side.

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