JibberJobber Free Level Changing: Premium Features moving to Free Side (the Unemployment Insurance Report)

We are increasing what you get on the free level of JibberJobber.  You can see a now-outdated comparison chart here.  More features on the Premium side will move to the free side over the next few months.

Some people have advised me this is a great move (even saying ALL of JibberJobber should be free, but hey, a guy’s got bills to pay, you know??).

Others say we’re already giving away too much, and we should put regular/free features on the premium side. Basically, we’re nutz.

I think moving tools and features from premium to free is the right move.

Today’s announcement is one of these changes. What we used to call the Job Posting Activity Report is now a free feature.  This report shows what you did in the last week/month/quarter/year/forever, with regard to jobs you are applying to.

When I was collecting unemployment insurance I had to declare that I was contacting two new companies every week (varies by state).

This is the report I would use to track that requirement, and if I needed to, to prove to the state that I did contact to new companies a week.

Expect to see more features moving from the premium level to the free level.

3 thoughts on “JibberJobber Free Level Changing: Premium Features moving to Free Side (the Unemployment Insurance Report)”

  1. Jason,

    Thanks- although I haven’t (yet) got to the tier of unemployment where reporting is required, I did apply for a state funded On the Job Training (OJT) program recently and a log was needed. I had create a “spreadsheet method” (which I hate) job search log going back a few months – didn’t even realize it was a paid feature, or I might have sprung for it for a month to make my life easier!


  2. @Cleo – we’ve had a “design issue” in that we have a number of premium features that you don’t see unless you are premium… that should be changing….

    @Brad, thank you 🙂 After I wrote this post I spent about an hour on our comparison chart and sent my notes to my dev team on all the stuff to move from Premium to Free… it’s a lot!

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