JibberJobber Testimonial from Kathy (or, “how to write an awesome testimonial!”)

Here’s a note we got recently from a happy user… it really made my week!

I have been using JibberJobber for several weeks and I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the application and what a positive impact it is having on my job search.

After using it for a few weeks and entering each new contact, company, etc., I seemed to reach “critical mass”, and using the application really started to pay off.

I no longer waste time going through my business cards to find a phone number or searching through my notebook to find out when I met with someone or what the outcomes were.

Using the Action Item functionality has been particularly helpful. I didn’t realize how many follow-ups were accumulating (or falling through the cracks) until I put them all in one place. My days of forgetting to follow up in a timely manner are over.

Now that I am used to the benefits of using JibberJobber, there are sometimes things that I need to go back to (ie, “Who was the recruiter that called me and when did they call?”) and I wish I had been using it all along.

I would also like to point out that I had been using a different application to manage my job search, and I did not find it nearly as helpful or easy to use as JibberJobber.

One other comment I would like to make is that your service and responsiveness are second to none. Each time I have used your “contact us” functionality, I get an amazingly prompt, and helpful, response from Lizbeth.

Thank you for providing such a valuable tool for my job search. I have and will continue to promote your product with my fellow job-seekers.

Thank you Kathy!

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