Introverts and the Job Search

Are you an introvert?

Do you think it has an impact on your job search?

It does, I bet.  However, it doesn’t have to.

Read this article on Career Blogs titled Are Recruiters Biased Against Introverts?

Then, read my post: Can you be an INTROVERT and have a successful JOB SEARCH?

Then, by Wendy Gelberg’s book: The Successful Introvert.

Now you can take “I’m an introvert” out of your list of excuses that are holding you back.

2 thoughts on “Introverts and the Job Search”

  1. Are some recruiters biased against introverts? Of course they are-especially if they themselves are extroverts. This article and the ones referenced are terrific resources. I am an INTJ on the Myers Briggs scale. It makes certain parts of networking more difficult but not impossible.

    I also believe that if one is an introvert he will always be an introvert, and that he/she just needs to develop other areas that will make them look/act a bit more like an extrovert.

  2. Brad, thanks for the comment. Great points.

    Are some recruiters biased against introverts? You say yes… of course.

    I agree.

    And, *some* recruiters are biased against blacks, hispanics, Mormons, bald people, fat people, women, young moms, old white-haired people, impairments, tattoos, white people, indians, thick accents, people who are late, people who are too early, people who have short resumes, people who have long resumes, people who have smoke on their breath, people who are missing teeth, people who …..

    I don’t want to mix up the issue of discrimination and introvert/extrovert. It’s a mixed issue, sure… but in this post I specifically want to let introverts know:

    1. It’s okay being an introvert. It’s not necessarily a mark against you.

    2. If you want to do some things differently, or get guidance or coaching, there are good resources out there.

    3. See #1, and stop making excuses. (trust me, I’m really good at that :p)

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