Whiner Babies, Gen Y, Old People

Ah, the whiner baby post.  The GenY/GenX/Boomer debate is … old.

I have blogged about it here: Gen Y Sounds Like A Bunch Of Entitled Whiners. I talk about the issue of stereotyping here.

Here are two more posts that I found pretty interesting, both from Inc magazine.

The first, 8 Old-School Rules for Gen Y, gives 8 pointers from “more senior colleagues,” like wake up earlier, experience trumps education, commitments mean more than just “best effort” (like, “well, I tried my best”), etc.  The real gems are in the comments of the article!

The second article, 6 Gen Y Rules for Older Workers, is equally as whiny.  No comments yet, but both articles give insight into what each group is saying, which sounds a lot like:

  • Stop judging me,
  • Look at what I’m doing right,
  • Learn from me, I have good stuff to share with you, too.  I’m not too old/young.

The bottom line is, age discrimination isn’t going anywhere.  We have to figure out how to deal with it, and work around it in our job search and networking.

How do you deal with it?