Free Teleseminar on Wed morning with me and John Hadley: How to Accelerate Your Job Search

John Hadley, a career coach in the NY/NJ area, asked me to be his guest on a teleseminar titled How to Accelerate Your Job Search.  I’ve been receiving Johns newsletter for years and almost spoke for him in person last year when I was in his area… I was excited to be able to do this teleseminar with him.

You can sign up for it here.

It is on Wednesday morning at 10:30 am MST (that is 12:30 Eastern, 11:30 Central, 9:30 Pacific).

There is no cost.  John is asking his newsletter subscribers: “If you could ask Jason Alba just one question, what would it be?”

I’ll be anxious to see what questions come up…. I’m guessing this will be much less technical than I usually do, and there will be a lot of general, basic job search questions… we’ll see 🙂

Want to join? Sign up here. I’m not sure if it will be recorded and made available later.