Favorite Friday: Your LinkedIn Professional Headline Probably Sucks

If you’ve ever seen me speak then you know that I’m… well… opinionated :p  My opinion is that most people throw together a sketchy LinkedIn Profile, and hardly give any thought to the Professional Headline.  Thus, most LinkedIn Professional Headlines simply stink.  That’s why I wrote:

July 14, 2010: LinkedIn Professional Headline: Yours Probably Sucks. (92 comments… this is on my LinkedIn blog: Im On LinkedIn – Now What???)

One of the amazing things from this post is that a reader and friend (whom I’ve never met in person) jumped in to do the critiques.  And he was brilliant.  I was so comfortable with is critiques that I let him run with it.  And he did… tirelessly!

Read my short post about why I think your LinkedIn Professional Headline stinks, and then sift through the comments to see what others have put, and how Peter Osborne helps them become better.

NOTE: I have since closed comments on there because I continue to get people who want help with it, and I don’t have the time to keep up with it.  However, I do LinkedIn Profile Critiques (which includes the Professional Headline) for only $99.  Here’s an example of what the critique looks like.  If you want me to critique your LinkedIn Profile,  let me know.