Happy Valentine’s Day: Love your loved one today (show it!)

Six years ago I was in a world of hurt. I was about six weeks into my job search, and it was NOT going how I planned it.

I put everything off so I could find my job.  Most regretably, I put off my health (big mistake), and I put off my family relationships (bigger mistake).

I implore you to not neglect these two things in your job search.

I think I thought it would be for a relatively short time, which turned into months, and it was not good.

Today, Valentine’s Day, I invite you to make a bigger, better effort at fulfilling your loved ones and letting them know you love them.  Whether it is a spouse, child, parent, sibling, etc., express it.  Not just now and today, but every day.

Invest in the relationship, express, and do not let the relationship whither until you land.  It might be too late.