Jan 9, 2006: I got laid off

The writing was on the wall.

But to this day, six years ago, I didn’t believe it could really happen to me. I had done too much for the company. I sacrificed things. I put them before my family, and my health.

But one board member walked in and told me it was time for the board of directors call.  He had left the company about 18 months before, but had been involved in board meetings without my knowledge.

He knew what this call was about, and he tried to prep me.

I was going to get laid off, on the phone.

After it was done, he took me to lunch so I wouldn’t have to lick my wounds in private.

Then, after lunch, we had a meeting where we announced to a stunned company that I was leaving, and he was going to take my place.

What emotions did I experience?  I think all of them.  Across the spectrum.  Hope and shame at the same time.  It was weird.

And thus, my journey began!  Thank you for being a part of it…!  Six years since that day, once dreaded, now celebrated!

You, too, will celebrate your day that you might now remember with bad feelings.

3 thoughts on “Jan 9, 2006: I got laid off”

  1. Jason, You are an amazing person and a source of inspiration for me and so many others. Your posts reflect thoughtfulness, courage, and generosity. I wish you continued success!

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