Jan 10, 2006: Finding my resume

Day 2 of being laid off (six years ago).

I was told they wanted me to stay on for the week to transition the new president.  He didn’t really need it, but I think they were being nice just to give me another week of salary.  What other options did I have? None…

So I spent the second day, as I remember it, with my door closed, looking for my old resume, that was six years old.

After a few hours of not finding anything, I went online to look for resume templates (not something I recommend).

I’m sure I dinked around looking at news sites, and spending time with my emotions swirling, wondering what the heck was going on.

I am sure I wondered why I was making a salary that day, when I didn’t do anything really for the company. But they asked me to stay, so I did.

And thus, one of my first days of doing meaningless stuff.  And I’m sure the depression started coming in.

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  1. Jason, I was reading backwards in your archives to remember when I started reading your blog and getting to know you. You impressed me early on when I read your posts on career e-lists. Your sincerity shined through and your passion compelled me to get to know you… Look how far we have come in 6 years! 🙂

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