If a GPA doesn’t matter, what does??

On PR Daily Becky Johns wrote Students: The 9 things that matter more than GPA

The comments are great, there is someone who has hired a lot of recent grads and she weighs in with a great argument… but I don’t want to focus on that.

The 9 points are awesome… go to the post to see what they are… and then figure out how you can incorporate them into your own stories.  Can you show how you learn (#1) with stories?  Can you help an employer understand how you tackle time management (#3) through examples?  Can you show a portfolio (#5)?

Read the post for the nine ideas. If any of these make sense to be a part of your brand, figure out how to create the stories so you can help people understand how strong you are in any of those areas.

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1 thought on “If a GPA doesn’t matter, what does??”

  1. The only reason a GPA is relevant to a potential employer – whether you are in or out of school anymore seems to be as a filter in the Applicant Tracking Systems they are using these days.

    When I was finishing my BS I had nearly six years real world experience in the field in which I majored (accounting). While my GPA wasn’t stellar, it wasn’t horrible either. I was working a full time job and going to school full time. The firms (especially in public accounting) used GPA’s to determine who they were going to talk to. Out of the then “Big 6” firms I interviewed with all but Arthur Anderson as well as some regional firms.

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