How to Get Your Dream Job:

Dan Schawbel wrote an article for Time magazine titled How to Get Your Dream Job in a Bad Economy.  He has five good points on what you could do in your job search. Click to see Dan’s five points.

I want to add two more… two that I think are the most important things job seekers should do, regardless of how the economy is doing:

  1. Do informational interviews regularly.
  2. Follow-up.

I could write pages and pages about each of those.  That’s not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this post is to share those two ideas.   Unfortunately, it’s easy to read those and say “yeah, of course,” and then NOT DO THEM.  They seem too simple… and they kind of are simple… but your competition isn’t doing them.  They are spinning their wheels in their job search.

Want to get your dream job?

Do those two things, every single day.

Every single day.

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  1. You are probably correct, Jason. Of course, their will be varying degrees of “bad”. Certainly you need to contact any referrals they give you or you will certainly not get any more from that person.

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