Happy Thanksgiving Job Seekers!

Eat turkey!


Be grateful!


HUH?  Grateful??

When I was unemployed, I thought it would be very difficult to be grateful, especially when everyone else who celebrated holidays like Thanksgiving had a steady paycheck…

From one ex-job seeker to a soon-to-be ex-job seeker… I guarantee you have something to be grateful for.  In fact, here’s an idea: get out a piece of paper and sit down for 5 minutes.  Brainstorm everything you can be grateful for.  It might include your family, where you live, your health, good friends, having good hair (which is a thing of the past for me), etc.

Do a brain dump, write it all down.  Try and spend 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes…. write it all down.

I know it’s hard to be grateful when you feel like your drowning, but recognizing what you can be grateful for can change your day/week/month/year.

Do it!

1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving Job Seekers!”

  1. Grateful = positive
    Companies HIRE positive people

    Jobless, hang in there! Two people I know just landed, one after 2 1/2 years & the other after 3 1/2 years. But you need to learn and stay in the game.

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