My Newest Product Line for Career Centers (Career Center Software)

This isn’t really a new product line… but it is indeed awesome. I just haven’t announced it before, because I know my competition likes to see what I’m doing and try and do it on their own.

I wanted to get some clients before I announced it… I have some clients on this system now, and sometime next year I’ll fully announce it.  For now I’ll tell you this:

  1. It is for university career centers,
  2. It is NOT JibberJobber (although JibberJobber is integrated with it),
  3. It is my version of a “learning management system.”

I love referrals to career centers, and alumni offices.  If YOU have a connection at your career center, reach out to me.  I’m happy to give you information about this system, and even show you a very short demo of how it works. If you are comfortable with it, you can introduce me to your career center… cool?  I’d love that – thank you in advance!

NOTE: this is for the career center CLIENT, not for their office staff.

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