Book Recommendation: Succeed- How we can reach our goals

Last week I wrote about Alison Doyle’s job search books, and I got an email from JibberJobber user Cleo Parker (on Twitter) with what I decided would be today’s post 🙂  From Cleo:

Reading your post about books this morning prompted me to share a great book I’m reading right now “Succeed- How we can reach our goals” by Heidi Grant Halvorson. In it she discusses research about how people see themselves, see their goals, and which approaches pay off.

Although I would think job seekers who of a mind set to use Jibber Jobber are well on the “right thinking” path that involves beliefs such as hard work is more important than luck and you can get better at pretty much everything with effort, I found it enlightening and valuable, and I’d suspect anyone in a job search would benefit from reading it.  Especially the people who think that they’ll be “discovered” without putting in the work needed to be “found” or those that just give up.

She’s got one statement that I love about deciding if you should abandon a goal:

“If the answer is “I don’t have what it takes”, you are wrong. You do have what it takes. Start again.”

(My Dad had a saying “Can’t never did anything” – same sentiment,
probably why I like it!)

Although I’m not happy about how many jobs I’ve gone through in the last few years (I’m getting better and better at landing them, now I have to be more careful about wanting and keeping what I get!) I’m happy to have had some additional time on my hands the past few weeks to read this book. I encourage you to check it out!

Thanks for the insight, Cleo – I know this will be a great book for many of my readers/users.