Want to GET (opportunities, blessings, goodness)? Here’s how…

Thom Singer, a blogger I like to refer to and quote, wrote an inspired post Sunday titled Here is a way that has never failed to bring opportunities.

Read it.

The bottom line is this: if you want to get opportunities, you need to give.  You need to help. You need to “life others up at every turn.”  Here are two key points from his post:

Many argue that when they do help others, those people never return the favor.  This is true… not everyone will reciprocate.

He goes on to talk more about that… then he ends the post with this:

Givers prefer to serve other givers.  Life if too short to shower opportunities on takers, so when you serve the greater good for the right reasons…. you will be known to those who matter.

I watch people all the time.

I watch people to see if, by their actions, I can trust them, and how far I can trust them.

If I trust them, and like them based on their actions, I am much more inclined to give.  That might mean I give them a lead, or an introduction, or something more than that.

Be nice, be giving, be kind.

You are being watched.

Maybe that person who hasn’t helped you yet is still watching you, waiting to get to a point where, based on your actions, they can trust you with the gift you want from them.