Job Search Books from Alison Doyle

Alison Doyle is the job search expert at, and has been blogging and writing about jobs and careers for years.  She has also counseled many people one-on-one as they work on their own job search.  She’s definitely “in the trenches.”

Here are three job search books Alison has written, the most recent/current at the top:

Alison Doyle’s Job Search Guidebook (more info)

Internet Your Way to a New Job (third edition) (more info)

The Guide to Job Searching (more info)

I remember my first discussion with Alison. JibberJobber was relatively new, and I was anxious to have people like her learn about it, blog about it, share it with their audience.  I emailed her a few times, and she finally called my phone number.  At the time, I didn’t have a work number… so she called my home 🙂

I was in a bedroom taking apart (or putting together?) a bed frame … tools and stuff where a strew, when she called.  I was flattered, and delighted.  We had a great call, and over the years we’ve had a number of communications, including lunches when she’s been in Utah.

Alison Doyle is the real deal.  She is genuine, smart, current, and really passionate about all-things-job-search.  Check out her books here. You can learn more about Alison on Twitter (@AlisonDoyle), and of course find her

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