Free webinar for 40+ Career Search (facing age discrimination? Join the webinar)

I haven’t posted twice in one day in  years, but I need to today, or else you’ll read about this when it’s too late.

Tomorrow morning at 9am EST Rita Carey is doing a webinar called The 40+ Career Search: Debunking the Myths.  There is NO COST. It is FREE.

If you can move your schedule around, join the webinar… the description is as follows:

Do employers make hiring decisions based upon age?

The bad news is that whether it’s age, gender, or ethnicity, the hiring manager may make assumptions about the ability of a person to do the job.

The good news is that beliefs about the “older” worker are changeable. We cannot change our age, but we can change assumptions about our qualifications.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The 5 major myths about age that create barriers and how to break through them.
  • Why beliefs about younger workers can prevent offers
  • Tips for handling the age factor on resumes and in interviews

Here’s the link to register.

2 thoughts on “Free webinar for 40+ Career Search (facing age discrimination? Join the webinar)”

  1. Jason,

    THANK YOU for informing us of this wonderful webinar! I HIGHLY recommend any and all to reach-out to Rita Carey and get her on their networking team!

    Although there were some technical difficulties at the beginning of the webinar, it was worth the wait.

    I came away with a better understanding of how to approach the “age” issue in my career search!

    I look forward to the promised webinar data for those who attended. I have many action items I want to follow-up!!

    Your JJ blog email was sent out at 2:00 AM (ET) today and I was lucky enough to have found it, acted on it, and be in this thought provoking session (by 9:00 AM).

    Thanks (again) for all you do for those who are searching for their next career!

    You are the best!
    Your friend from the East Coast!
    (yes, I did feel the earthquake her in NJ)


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