Do It Now! I give you permission.

Last week I was consulting with a pizza franchise owner, sharing a number of ideas on how to get more sales through branding and online marketing.

We chatted for about 90 minutes, then I had to go to a quick meeting.

When I came back I put my hand on his shoulder and said:

“You know, I charge a lot of money to tell you what I told you.  And you know what I find?  Most people take lots of notes, and are excited, but they don’t do it.”

I’m amazed at how much someone will pay me to consult, and then not do anything.

He said it was like going to a conference, taking lots of notes, getting really jazzed, and not doing anything after you got home.

Because stuff at home (or at the office) becomes priorities, and fires, and you get lost in your daily work.

All the while, the great ideas sit in the notebook and aren’t acted on.

This reminds me of talking with one of my mentors (he doesn’t know he’s a mentor), Don Aslett.  Don has at least 42 books published and has had an amazing career.  We were talking about “ideas.”  I commented that he had some amazing business ideas, and that somehow he was special because of that (I don’t remember how I said it – it was probably 10 years ago).

Don replied that we all have ideas, and lots of them. He said he had binders full of ideas (true story, I saw lots of his binders). Having an idea was easy. It was no big deal.

The big deal is if we ACT ON IT!

I’ve talked to dozens of people who have had an idea good enough to be big, at least for them, personally.

But they don’t act on it.

They don’t do it.

They sit on it, let the daily grind get them busy, and enough time goes by that they just don’t make any progress (or, they don’t make progress in the direction they need).

So here’s what I’ll tell you, even though probably one out of 10 will actually do it:


What are you waiting for?  Permission from someone to do what you know you should be doing?

Well, let me wave my magic JibberJobber wand and give you PERMISSION to DO IT.

Right now.

2 thoughts on “Do It Now! I give you permission.”

  1. I knew few friends who are dreaming big and is not doing anything about it, not even a single step.

    There are also some friends who got stuck on planning, plans that were never acted on.

    Just Do It – Nike

    Nice blog here mate!

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