Do you inspire others? I’d put money on it…

Saturday night we were driving away from a friends house and my wife said “did you see the painting of the peaches by the back door?”

“No,” I hadn’t seen them.

“She said I inspired her to do it.”


About a year ago my wife declared she was a songwriter.  One day after she formally declared it, she met the guy who puts on songwriting trainings and workshops and networking locally.

My wife has been pretty busy raising our kids, running our house, and doing stuff that moms do.

Just like in yesterday’s post about JUST DO IT, my wife just did it. (more on that, and adversity, tomorrow)

She has shared some of her journey as a songwriter with friends and family.  Many moms she has talked to have said “wow, I need to to do something for me!”

This lady, our friend, did.  She got the equipment, set aside the time, and picked up the brush.  She’s close to finishing a really cool painting… she has done something for herself.  I didn’t ask, but I’m guessing she feels empowered, and reenergized.  She has felt the rewards of pursuing something, even though she could probably think of 100 other things to do.

My wife inspired that, and that’s cool.

She didn’t set out to inspire anything, or anyone, by doing what she does (well, she wants to inspire through music, but I’m not sure she thought about how inspiring her example could be).

But she has inspired more than one person to do something.

She inspired me to get on the piano and start learning.

She inspired our friend to paint.

I know she’s inspired others.

Are you inspiring anyone?

I’m sure you are.

Just by showing up, you might be inspiring someone.

Your warm smile, firm handshake, positive attitude, down-to-earth personality… I don’t know what it is that is inspiring others, but I know you are inspiring someone.

Last week I saw my 10 year old son walking next to a 4 or 5 year old boy.  The young boy looked up at my son, who was about twice as big as he was, and I could tell he really admired him.

You never know who you are inspiring – you may never, ever know.  But don’t stop.  Don’t give up.  Keep on doing, keep on being.  You are helping someone in a big way.

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