JibberJobber for Singer/Songwriters?

Lately I’ve run into a number of singer/songwriters who are interested in moving forward in their careers.

I’ve randomly seen a number of songwriters sign up for JibberJobber (not because of my wife’s songwriting journey).

Why are these people getting on JibberJobber?  Or, why shouldn’t they get on JibberJobber?

JibberJobber is a personal relationship management tool.  It is a database that helps you keep track of your relationships.

Originally designed for job seekers, JibberJobber helps you keep track or your target companies and your professional contacts (as well as your personal contacts).

Does this sound like something a songwriter would need?


In some of the workshops my wife has been to they stress the importance of networking and branding.

Songwriters are doing the same things that job seekers need to do.

  • They need to keep track of who they meet.
  • They need to keep track of what they talked about.
  • They need to set up reminders to follow-up with people.
  • They should have a place to store the contact info and relevant links to contacts.
  • They should wordsmith their own 30 second elevator pitch.
  • They should network into companies.

All of these are things that JibberJobber offers, and perhaps that’s why songwriters are heading over to JibberJobber.

It’s simply a relationship manager.

3 thoughts on “JibberJobber for Singer/Songwriters?”

  1. This makes perfect sense, Jason. A better question might be ” why don’t more businesspeople (employed/self-employed or in transition) use either JibberJobber or something very much like it. I am using the term “businesspeople” very generically and in such a was as to include, songwriters, musicians, other artists as well as the guy who is looking for a corporate position.

  2. @Brad, I agree, of course, because I’m so biased 🙂 I think 90 year old grandmas can use JibberJobber to get birthday reminders for all their kids/posterity 🙂

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