Fake Job Postings: Beware!

Here’s a great job posting… if you are interested you can mail the guy (no email, of course, for someone as sophisticated as this):

Pretty funny stuff. I’ve seen this before, and I crack up every time I see it :p

At the same time, it is sad.  There are many fake postings up all over the internet.  Whether it’s something to lure an unsuspecting person into physical harm, or financial harm (a fraudulent investment), or identity theft, they are out there.

Please be careful!  Apply only to real postings.  If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Ask others to check it out, network into the right person who will know if it is real, and trust your family and friends if they see warning signs.

Too many people are getting duped by the thieves and crooks, and I hope you can be more astute and not lose everything.